Buy Reclaimed Wood in Portland, OR

Tell a story about the neighborhood you love and the rich architectural history of this place we share when you decorate with our reclaimed wood in Portland, OR. Whether you and your family have just relocated from California, or your roots in the Pacific Northwest run deep for generations, our approach to excavation and reclamation is in keeping with our traditions and culture.

Another Riehl Treasure is family-owned and locally operated by people who share a passion for designing with used building materials in Portland, OR, and telling compelling stories about our rich heritage. While Portland and the surrounding communities are in a constant state of flux, our group is focused on responsible excavation, efficient reuse of materials, and reducing our impact on local landfills.


Give your kitchen a great look while slowing the excessive growth of landfills with our reclaimed stoves and fixtures. Get creative and save the environment we all share.

Building Materials and Fixtures:

Transform any suburban home into an architectural showplace with the right combination of recovered flooring and cabinetry. Live in a home that matches your dream.

Reclaimed Wood:

Create an interior that brings to mind the era you love when you decorate with weathered and naturally-worn wood. Our selection of beams and lumber is quite extensive.

Repurposed Stone:

Step into a world of your own choosing with salvaged stone and vintage bricks at reasonable prices. Our repurposed materials help you bring your own design vision to life.


Start a conversation about your design vision with our reclamation specialists, and find a series of products that fit your approach to living. The more we know about your design plan, the better we can serve you.


People living in Clackamas and Multnomah County value environmental stewardship and smart design. Whether you are working within a budget or you are looking to tell a story through interior design, our showroom is filled with solutions that fit your specific needs. Our used home appliances are recovered from a broad array of homes that have been demolished to make way for a new type of residential community.

Flip an existing home and create a place that makes a family feel welcome with our selection of salvaged building supplies. While others go to great lengths to make flooring and fixtures look distressed and authentic, our showroom is filled with the real deal. Find reclaimed lumber, stone, or used bricks for sale in Portland, OR, for your new fireplace, sitting room, or an existing patio.

Contact us today to choose from a broad selection of reclaimed products for sale. We proudly serve customers in the Portland metro area and throughout Multnomah County.