4 Awesome DIY Projects with Reclaimed Wood

The forested lands of the Pacific Northwest have for generations provided the beautiful, natural elements that make many an Oregon home a warm and welcoming environment.  Rather than purchasing new lumber for flooring, cabinets, and more for your home and denuding local forests in the process, you should consider the wealth of reclaimed wood available from trusted purveyors like Another Riehl Treasure that seek to preserve the past for future benefit.

In addition to adding the natural patina of aged wood to the foundational aspects of your room through flooring and cabinets, there are endless DIY projects that could benefit from the use of attractive reclaimed wood.  Here are just a few amazing DIY projects that will imbue your home with the natural beauty of vintage wood.

Faux Headboard
Adding faux wood wall spaces with weathered planks is a great way to bring natural beauty to any room, whether you want to create a rustic den or modernize your fireplace surround.  However, homeowners looking to dabble in this fun home upgrade will find the smaller dimensions of a faux headboard the perfect place to hone their technique.

Whether you simply piece together a classic rectangular headboard or you add protruding shelves to hold books, lamps, and so on, this totally doable project will help you decide if you want to undertake a larger, more complex project elsewhere in your home.

Built-In Bookshelves
Arts and Crafts style homes in and around Portland are known for their hardwood embellishments, from beams and bannisters to built-in cabinets.  You can easily carry on this tradition while adding to your functional storage space by upgrading nooks or even entire expanses of wall space with built-in bookshelves that look like they were there all along.  The use of beautiful reclaimed wood from Another Riehl Treasure will add authenticity and help to match existing wooden features in your home.

Bannisters and Railings
Why install flimsy, modern bannisters and railings when you could have sturdy, solid hardwood, perhaps at even less cost?  These utilitarian elements of your home must be strong and durable to ensure safety.  Don’t rely on modern materials that aren’t up to snuff – opt for reclaimed wood that will last for generations to come.

Perhaps you need a rustic dining table and benches to accommodate a large extended family, or maybe you want matching end tables or bedside tables to circulate around the home.  It’s easy to get the warm wood furnishings you prefer with reclaimed wood from Another Riehl Treasure.

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