About Our Salvage & Reclamation Company

Establish a partnership with a salvage and reclamation company that provides you with authentic used building materials in Portland, OR. Another Riehl Treasure is a family-owned subsidiary of Dan Riehl Excavating, which is certified for deconstruction with the City of Portland. We take all of the best elements from every building we bring down and refurbish them for use in our showroom in Damascus, OR.

The communities we serve are forward-thinking and focused on responsible development. Many designers and decorators go to great lengths to create spaces that are one-of-a-kind with our reclaimed wood in Portland, OR. As older buildings are brought down to make way for new development and growth, our company is reducing our impact on local landfills through responsible demolition, refurbishment, and reclamation.

Each segment of distressed wood and every brick we reclaim from a particular site is carefully treated according to the most stringent standards. Every one of our 14 employees has an eye for detail and a focus on serving your needs. Our workforce includes members that are certified in handling hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint. That makes a big difference to a parent who may be purchasing reclaimed wood for a child’s nursery.


Reclaimed wood paneling and used appliances are more than just an aesthetic; they are an integral part of responsible decorating. A salvaged shower door reduces the cost of your renovation project and the impact you have on our limited landfills. As overseas markets begin to halt imports of recycled materials from Oregon, even recycling facilities are starting to reach their capacity. Take your commitment to a sustainable lifestyle to the next level and decorate your home with reclaimed building materials in Portland, OR. Your home will look more authentic, even if you are moving into a nondescript apartment block in Northwest Portland.


Maintain a connection to your community’s historic past while protecting the environment that we will all pass on to our children. Reclaimed building materials are both hip and helpful to our community-wide efforts to make Oregon a better place to live. Become a part of our story, and create living spaces that are special places.

The communities we serve are changing every day. Our attempt to build more affordable housing for everyone in our area doesn’t have to come at the expense of our rich architectural past. Schedule an appointment with one of our representatives and browse our showroom filled with unique finds and inspirational items.

Contact our salvage and reclamation company today to access a broad array of products recovered by certified deconstruction team. We proudly serve customers in the Portland metro area and throughout Multnomah County.