Used Appliances in Portland, OR

Live in a home that is both functional and original while reducing the impact on our entire community with our selection of reclaimed building materials in Portland, OR. Innovative decorators and responsible homeowners are making conservation a priority without sacrificing the visual appeal they are intent on realizing.

Another Riehl Treasure is your source for used refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers from a bygone era of style. Our demolition team is always on the lookout for unique finds and hidden treasures. We believe in conservation, and we celebrate the brands that made living more enjoyable. Use of reclaimed appliances can free up additional funds in your renovation budget for other items you need for your overall design plan.


Before you breeze through another appliance store looking for every modern convenience you need for a new home, visit our showroom and see our selections of appliances and used building materials in Portland, OR.

Space is often at a premium when it comes to the homes that people can afford. Your new craftsman bungalow may not have enough room for that modern refrigerator you had your eye on. Reclaimed refrigerators and dishwashers are often sized perfectly for a condo in The Pearl District or a Cape Cod home in Gresham. Also, come to our store when you are wondering where to buy reclaimed wood in Portland, OR.

Contact our local store for used appliances and find reclaimed items that fit your overall vision. We proudly serve customers in the Portland metro area and throughout Multnomah County.