Accentuate any existing home with reclaimed building materials in Portland, OR. With so many buildings being brought down to make way for modern apartments and other commercial buildings, it makes sense to utilize the stone and bricks we have to offer.

Follow your own path with reclaimed bricks of all shapes and sizes. You can connect your guest house to the primary residence with a new stone path made from existing elements. Another Riehl Treasure sources many of the materials we sell from our activities as excavators. Instead of throwing away the building materials we break down for our clients, we transform them into the building blocks for new homes.


Stone flooring and bricks can be expensive when you are working on a large renovation project. When you need to realize more value from your home, a restoration project with used building materials in Portland, OR, may be the right way to go. Whether you are a decorator, a builder, or new to home ownership, you are sure to find what you need in our showroom.


Upgrade your bland patio with a classic installation that adds style and value to your home. Using reclaimed materials and salvaged stone is responsible and resourceful. Plus, you create a one-of-a-kind look with our remarkable reclaimed stone.

Contact us today for curated repurposed supplies that add curb appeal and interest to the look of your home. Visit our local store when you are searching for where to buy reclaimed wood near Portland, OR. We serve customers located in the Portland metro area and throughout Multnomah County