Everything old is new again when you use the reclaimed wood in Portland, OR, from Another Riehl Treasure.  Whether you are redecorating an older home in Gresham or building a new residence in Beaverton, our showroom is filled with appealing and interesting reclaimed building materials. Tell us what type of home you want to live in, and our reclamation specialists match you with the right reclaimed doors, flooring, windows, and more.

Another Riehl Treasure is helping people from PDX and beyond build signature living spaces with reclaimed elements from demolished homes. As our communities continue to adapt to the influx of residents, maintaining and protecting our rich architectural heritage has become more difficult.

Every shower enclosure and bathtub we reclaim can become a signature element of your home. Fill your home with the rich character of reusable wood and reclaimed bricks in Portland, OR, while saving money and reducing our impact on landfills. We are ready to inspire you, so make an appointment at our showroom today.


Discount building supplies are a great way to go when you establish a partnership with our excavators and conservationists. Before deconstructing a building to make way for newer and more affordable housing, we carefully comb through the structure to identify every element that can be reclaimed.

Oregon is known for beautiful trees and wood with character. After all, we love the Douglas fir enough to put it on our license plates. In order to protect this vital and beautiful resource, we reclaim as much as possible. While reclaimed flooring prices are traditionally lower, the increased character and appeal of any home decorated with reclaimed elements is hard to quantify.


Weave your home into the fabric of our community and our history when you incorporate salvaged shower doors and reclaimed kitchen cabinets into your design plan. We are the well-known solution when you want to know where to buy reclaimed wood near Portland, OR. With reclaimed elements and interior siding, your home will be appealing to your neighbors and potential buyers as well.

Contact us today to choose from a broad selection of reclaimed products for sale. We proudly serve customers in the Portland metro area and throughout Multnomah County.