Old Bricks Add Character to a Home’s Interior

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If you’re searching for a move-in ready new home but want to find one with character, think about using reclaimed bricks in Portland, OR, to get the charming look you want. If you can’t find a home that is exactly what you want, try adding the character you want to create something unique to you. There are numerous ways to use reclaimed brick to add great character to the inside or the outside of your home. From backsplashes to inner archways, reclaimed bricks can be used in your home in a variety of ways, including the following:

Brick Fireplaces

If you like the rustic look in your living room, recycled bricks can be used to create a minimalistic fireplace. They add color and charm and add a touch of sophistication and warmth.  Your reclaimed brick fireplace becomes the focal point of the room and a great conversation piece as well.

Brick Walls

An interior brick wall adds a rugged and urban feel to any space in your home. When you add recycled bricks in front of your insulated wall, you are sure to keep in the heat you need.

Brick Backsplash

You may not want to have an entire wall featured in your home, but you can add brick accents to your kitchen with a backsplash to create a timeless farmhouse look. Other areas of the kitchen may be crafted from reclaimed bricks, to give the room a sense of texture, ruggedness, and style.


Old Bricks Add Character to a Home’s Exterior

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Reclaimed bricks make your home look older and more charming. With a recycled brick façade, you have a home with a unique look. Builders, bricklayers, and homeowners alike are choosing to work with recycled bricks more often today than ever before. You can use reclaimed bricks for paving as a great way to break up your property. Whether you choose to have a patio built or just a stepping-stone path, recycled bricks are an easy and cost-effective option. There are a number of benefits to using this unique building product on the façade of your home, including all of the following:

  • Adding Character
  • Creating a Timeless, Classic Look
  • Environmentally Friendliness
  • Sustainability
  • Natural Building Material
  • Strength and Durability
  • Weathered Bricks Don’t Shrink or Expand
  • Budget-Friendly Building Option

When you choose to work with used bricks, you are also choosing bricks that were made the old-fashioned way. They were typically made carefully, meticulously, and by hand, unlike today’s bricks which are made automatically by machines. Keep in mind that bricks that were made by hand are not all identical. They bring a uniqueness that’s meant to contribute to the design, architectural integrity, and beauty of your home.

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The Uses of Recycled Concrete

Used Building Materials in Portland, OR

Modern concrete is made up of water, aggregate, and cement, and is the most widely used material in the world. It can be used as a pliable material when first mixed or a strong and durable one when it hardens. Concrete is used in building such diverse projects as skyscrapers, bridges, sidewalks, highways, houses, and dams.

When concrete is crushed it can be used as a recycled aggregate for brand new concrete if it is free of contaminants. Concrete pavements can also be broken in place and used as a base layer for an asphalt pavement through a process called rubblization, which is a technique that reduces it into a kind of debris that’s kept in place rather than moving it to another location. Recycled or crushed concrete can also be resold as paving or filling material. Some of the additional benefits of using recycled concrete include:

  • Creating Recycled Aggregates for Roads, Parking Lots, & Driveways
  • Used as a Product for Site Stabilizing & Bottom Layers of Roads
  • Replacing a Wood Deck or Patio

Using recycled concrete is also beneficial for the environment. Many landfills don’t have the room to use concrete waste. When concrete and other used building materials in Portland, OR, are kept out of landfills they are able to be reused in other applications.

Use Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed Bricks in Portland, OR

If bricks are in your home’s exterior and you are considering a remodel or addition, there are a number of reasons to use reclaimed bricks in Portland, OR. One of the most important reasons for using reclaimed bricks is because they are eco-friendly. By using them, you are saving carbon emissions, and you have also eliminated the manufacturing process. The production of brand new bricks is now automated, whereas older bricks were made by hand. Today’s bricks may have the same uniform size and design, bricks from a century or so ago were each unique and slightly different in their own way.

Used bricks from Another Riehl Treasure near Portland, OR, are often salvaged from old buildings and roads. They are a popular building material due to their charm, character, originality, and the aesthetic appeal they bring to a home. Bricks give a home a classic look that is unachievable with new building materials.

If your home already uses brick elements, you may want to check out using used bricks to ensure the remodel or addition blends in with your home’s current design and appearance. Also, the high quality of older bricks makes them a sought-after building material because of the special look they bring to any construction project.



The Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood for Sale in Portland, OR

There are many outstanding benefits to using reclaimed wood, for example, in construction fewer materials are wasted and thrown away, which helps preserve the environment. Reclaimed wood includes such items as antiques, dead trees, scrap wood, pallets, and much more. With fewer trees available it’s important to preserve the remaining forests, woods, and jungles. When reclaimed wood is used, it prevents the need for cutting down more trees. Other benefits include all of the following:

  • Animals like birds and squirrels in the woods rely on trees to both live in and feed on. Insects also feed on bark. Without trees, these living creatures might disappear.
  • Reclaimed wood has already aged and is stronger and more durable than wood made from newer timber. Its age has allowed it to weather the seasons and stand the test of time; its grain is also much more dense than new wood.
  • Reclaimed wood is attractive as the tree rings are wide and it contains more knots, which add a charming look that gives it character.

Check out the reclaimed wood for sale in Portland, OR, from Another Riehl Treasure, a leading salvage and reclamation company. For more information, call (503) 489-9657 or send an email to info@anotherriehltreasure.com/.


The Difference Between Reclaimed and Recycled Wood

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Reclaimed wood is any wood that has been taken from its original location for use in a new location without being changed into an entirely new product. What is the difference between reclaimed wood and recycled wood? They are used interchangeably in many ways, but there is a critical difference that is based on how they are processed. Reclaimed wood is wood that has been taken from somewhere else, like a mantel for example, and reused or repurposed in a way that is similar to its original state. Recycled wood has been refashioned into a different item, for example, an old milk crate may be turned into a coffee table, or wood fencing may be used in a walkway. Some examples of how reclaimed wood can be used include all of the following:

  • Stairs
  • Shelving
  • Counters
  • Shutters
  • Beams
  • Mantels

The popularity of reclaimed wood is growing exponentially as greener homes are being built and the availability of older wood has dwindled. Any wood that was used for a previous purpose is reclaimed wood when it is used for a new purpose for a building, flooring, or furniture. Reclaimed wood in Portland, OR, from Another Riehl Treasure, is sold in the form of wood paneling, beams, and other wood pieces that come from demolished buildings in the local community.