Create a rustic gorgeous reclaimed wood headboard

A headboard pulls your bedroom together. It’s the room’s focal point, but it doesn’t have to be overly fussy to be impressive. Even a simple headboard made from reclaimed wood can look fantastic in the most sophisticated houses. Here are some ways to create a lovely rustic headboard from reclaimed wood.

Wooden pallet
One easy way to make a gorgeous headboard out of reclaimed wood is to use a recycled wooden pallet. Here’s how to do it: take the pallet apart and remove all the nails. Then assemble your headboard, taking into account the different lengths of the pallet slats. Even if your headboard has uneven heights to its slats, it will just add to its unique character. You can also stain the wood or paint it.

Barn wood
You can use recycled wood from barns and even the barn doors to create a unique headboard. Collect your barn wood and sort it according to the way you want your headboard to look. You can have the boards running vertically or horizontally, and can paint it one or multiple colors for added flair. You can also use a door from a barn to make a headboard that has a more coherent style.

To make your rustic headboard, you can use wood left over from other projects. The different looks to the woods will only add to the character of the headboard. If you’re using different types of wood throughout your bedroom design, a mix-and-match headboard made from reclaimed wood can pull your whole look together.

Tall headboards
When you make your own headboard out of reclaimed wood, you have a lot of design room to play in. A tall headboard makes an interesting focal piece in your bedroom. You also can use the tall headboard as a substitute for more artwork in your bedroom, and the tall expanse of wood is both pleasant to look at and a great back support when in bed.

When you use reclaimed wood for a gorgeous headboard, you have a lot of creative freedom. Different kinds of wood, paints, different stains, or even stencils can add you own unique touch to your headboard. Places like Another Riehl Treasure has a lot of different options for reclaimed wood for your new headboard. Just make sure to take a sander to the finished product so you don’t get splinters when you’re reading late at night.

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