Reasons To Use Reclaimed Doors And Windows In And Around Your Home

If you are in the market for a new door or window, you are probably already aware of how expensive they can be. If you’re concerned about the environment in any capacity, you’re also likely aware of how many natural resources are expended through the use of even more raw materials. Fortunately, there is another way: investing in a pre-owned door helps the environment and your wallet in equal measure. If this peaks your interest, read on. Here are a few more reasons to use reclaimed doors and windows in and around your home.

Minimize The Use Of Natural Resources
This is the big one. New resources are extracted from the earth and subsequently expended whenever a new door is manufactured. Wooden doors and windows are constructed from trees, while metal ones are constructed from ore that was mined from the earth. Even worse, throwing away a perfectly useable door means these natural resources will just end up sitting in a landfill somewhere. However, purchasing a used door is a perfect means of avoiding both problems.

Energy Efficiency
Similar to minimizing the use of natural resources, purchasing used doors or windows saves big on energy. All manufacturing processes expend energy through the use of electricity, which is only produced with the help of coal or natural gas. Obviously, increased usage of coal and natural gas is not good for emissions levels, and will drastically compound the impact of climate change. Using reclaimed doors preserves natural resources and ultimately optimizes society’s energy efficiency.

Reduced Pollution
Manufacturing products usually results in air or water pollution. This is no different when it comes to door and window manufacturing processes. Purchasing second-hand doors and windows means that none of these processes are initiated in the first place.

Reduced Use Of Packing Materials
New doors and windows usually include some kind of packaging. More often than not, the materials used in the packaging are not biodegradable. Because of this, excessive production of these materials results in a large amount of waste that, if not properly disposed of, could considerably increase environmental pollution levels. Fortunately, purchasing reclaimed doors and windows usually means that no packing materials were used.

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