Reclaimed Windows and Doors in Damascus, OR

Restore an old home the right way, with reclaimed windows and doors in Damascus, OR. No matter how new or old your home may be, you are sure to find a focal point for your entire residence when you visit our showroom in Clackamas County. Another Riehl Treasure carries a broad assortment of salvaged windows that fit the dimensions and the character of the home you love.

Our group is more than just a broker for different handles and wood frame windows from far and wide. We are certified for deconstruction by the city of Portland, and many of our 14 employees have the training needed to handle asbestos and lead paint. Our group actively curates antique beams and wooden door frames from the buildings we bring down.

Purchase reclaimed items from a group that understands Oregon as well as you do. Should you decide to take on a major restoration project, there is no better place to start than our showroom. Instead of using factory windows that may stand out from the rest of your home, find something that fits your style and the dimensions of your home.

Authentic Door Restorations

Say goodbye to the mismatched doors from the 1980s that the previous owners bolted on without any regard to the overall aesthetic of the home, and say hello to something special. Our inventory of second-hand doors and old windows can transform your home into a destination. Enhance the resale value of your house and build something that fits your neighborhood without spending a fortune along the way.

Contact us today to gain access to our broad selection of reclaimed windows and doors. We proudly serve customers in Damascus, Clackamas, Gresham, Beaverton, and Portland, Oregon, and surrounding communities