Use Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Bricks

Reclaimed Bricks in Portland, OR

If bricks are in your home’s exterior and you are considering a remodel or addition, there are a number of reasons to use reclaimed bricks in Portland, OR. One of the most important reasons for using reclaimed bricks is because they are eco-friendly. By using them, you are saving carbon emissions, and you have also eliminated the manufacturing process. The production of brand new bricks is now automated, whereas older bricks were made by hand. Today’s bricks may have the same uniform size and design, bricks from a century or so ago were each unique and slightly different in their own way.

Used bricks from Another Riehl Treasure near Portland, OR, are often salvaged from old buildings and roads. They are a popular building material due to their charm, character, originality, and the aesthetic appeal they bring to a home. Bricks give a home a classic look that is unachievable with new building materials.

If your home already uses brick elements, you may want to check out using used bricks to ensure the remodel or addition blends in with your home’s current design and appearance. Also, the high quality of older bricks makes them a sought-after building material because of the special look they bring to any construction project.